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Focaccia OnLine ships freshly baked focaccias , for this reason it is necessary to synchronize the arrival of the courier to deliver to customers within 24 hours, maintaining all the flavor and freshness of the products without freezing or vacuum-packing them. A system that we have studied and tested for months, which guarantees quality, compliance with regulations and customer satisfaction.

Focaccia Online spedisce le focacce appena sfornate; Il corriere consegna la focaccia entro 24h dallo sforno e mediamente entro 2 giorni dalla data d’inoltro dell’ordine del cliente in funzione del giorno in cui l'ordine è stato effettuato.

The courier delivers the focaccia within 24 hours of being baked and on average within 2 days from the date the customer 's order was sent, depending on the day the order was placed .

For example, an order placed before 18.00 on Monday allows Focaccia Online to process the order and book the collection of the product at the bakery on Tuesday with delivery to the customer on Wednesday.

Considering that the courier service does not deliver on weekends (except for increased shipping costs) and in order to maintain the fragrance and freshness of the products, all orders placed between Thursday and Sunday involve collection at the bakery on Monday with delivery of products the next day.

The withdrawal of the order by the courier is also bound to the closing day of the bakery which for some producers is Monday but which for other producers is Wednesday instead; in the information of each product the delivery day is indicated precisely according to the day on which the order is placed.

By placing an order and maintaining the UPS EXPRESS delivery mode, the delivery time is approximately 24 hours from the moment of removal and collection at the bakery .

Delivery times may potentially vary due to force majeure or traffic conditions.

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Accepted orders will be shipped and delivered using the shipping method selected by the user, to make sure that they deliver them are as efficient as possible, the default shipment is UPS Express Delivery but for orders that do not include buns, it is possible to select 24/24 shipping. 72 which is less expensive and does not necessarily arrive in 72 hours but depending on various factors (traffic, time of year, Covid, etc.) it can arrive in 24 or 72 hours.


Focaccia OnLine is exempt from any responsibility for delays in the delivery of products that are independent from the conduct of Focaccia OnLine, for example in the event of a strike by the employees of the service provided by the courier.

When confirming your order, please make sure that your shipping address is correct, as it is not possible to return purchases to a new address once they have left.

Your shipment

Check Spedizione

If you have placed an order with UPS and you want to know where the shipment is, you can check the tracking, just do this:

1) COPY the 18-digit code of the CAR LETTER sent to you via email

2) PASTE and enter the code (e.g. 1Z0HTR650400001615) in the box under SEARCH on the UPS website:

3) click on the GREEN ARROW

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If you have placed an order with Shipping 24/72 hours and you want to know how far the shipment is, you can check the tracking, just do this:

1) COPY the 13-digit code of the CAR LETTER sent to you via email

2) PASTE and enter the code (eg. A936-220-379-403) in the box below SPEDIAMO.IT

3) click on the SEARCH button

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