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Focaccia OnLine

Focaccia OnLine is the main sales and home delivery site for typical Genoese products. From our shop you can order the most renowned Ligurian focaccia: fugässa (in Genoese) can be prepared in many different ways and each bakery produces it according to the Genoese tradition but at the same time following the recipes handed down over time, often at family level.

The products you find in the shop are the result of a selection of the best focaccias produced locally and handcrafted.

Our focaccias are packed in anti-pinch paper, sealed in the appropriate packaging, and shipped to the buyer's home immediately after being taken out of the oven, then delivered to the customer within 24 hours.

Enter the shop and let yourself be enchanted by our selection of focaccia, with genuine tastes and, virtually, the unique scents that tell our land, you can choose from the special varieties of Genoese focaccia that you can find on Focaccia OnLine.

Le nostre focacce restano squisite e profumate perchè spedite appena sfornate e sigillate nelle apposite confezioni. Con Focaccia OnLine non sbagli mai!
Focaccia Online è il servizio numero uno riguardo alla spedizone di focaccia, focaccia genovese, focaccia con olive, focaccia alle cipolle, stuzzichini in Italia e nel resto del mondo. Spediamo tutti i giorni 24/7 e garantiamo un senvizio di assistenza sempre disponibile per qualsiasi evenienza

This is what the focaccia looks like once delivered to the customer, that is, within 24 hours from when it was taken out of the oven!

In the Focaccia OnLine shop you will find various types of fugassa: classic, with onions, with green olives, with black olives, flavored with sage * instead of rosemary *.

All the focaccias available in the shop have been subject to a strict selection and represent the excellence of local bakeries, discover them now!

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