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Focaccia with Genovese cheese from Non Solo Pane

ATTENTION: Not suitable for people with gluten intolerance (celiacs)

- INGREDIENTS: "00" soft wheat flour, water, vegetable fats, extra virgin olive oil, brewer's yeast, salt, malted cereal flours

ON THE SURFACE: Stracchino (milk, rennet, salt), fresh pasteurized milk, water, olive oil, salt
- AVERAGE WEIGHT PER PIECE: a piece of about 15x20 cm weighs about 200 gr
- WEIGHT FOR 8 PIECES: about 1.6 kg corresponding to 1 tray
- ENERGY VALUE: about 341Kcal per 100 grams
- PRODUCTION LEASE: Via Piacenza, 96, 16043 Chiavari GE

ATTENTION: read "Orders and relative delivery days" to know the day of home delivery.

Bakery page:

* Average size and weight, being hand cut may vary slightly.

Focaccia with Genovese cheese - Non solo pane bakery

  • To guarantee the quality of the flavors and home delivery in about 24 hours, it is not possible to ship on the day the order is placed, so it is recommended to check the delivery day well.  

    with order placed * on Monday:

    - making focaccia and collection takes place on Tuesdays

    - home delivery ** takes place on Wednesdays


    with order placed * on Tuesday and Wednesday:

    - baking of focaccia and collection takes place on Thursday

    - home delivery ** takes place on Fridays


    with order placed * from Thursday to Sunday:

    - making focaccia and collection takes place on Monday

    - home delivery ** takes place on Tuesdays


    * By order placed we mean before 18.00

    ** Home delivery means within 6.30 pm

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